dyn funding

Just a few weeks after tooting its horn about being a profitable bootstrapped company, DNS and enterprise email delivery service Dyn has raised its first-ever funding round: $38 million from North Bridge.

That’s a surprisingly huge series A round these days, when companies can get started and reach millions of users on just a few million.

Dyn provides managed DNS and email delivery services for companies including Twitter, Zappos, and Jive. Its services cover more than 450,000 e-commerce clients and 2,000 enterprise clients, which total up to more than four million active users worldwide.

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“We are doubling down on our commitment to being the world leader in Infrastructure as a Service and are delighted to partner with North Bridge, one of the leading technology and infrastructure investors in the country,” said Dyn CEO and co-founder Jeremy Hitchcock in a statement. “This investment better positions us to cement our leadership position within a rapidly growing multibillion dollar IaaS opportunity.”

Along with its funding, Dyn has also established a board of directors that includes Dyn’s co-founders, two general partners at North Bridge, and angel investor Jason Calacanis, the CEO of Mahalo and former CEO of Weblogs Inc.

Manchester, N.H.-based Dyn was founded in 2001 and has about 160 employees.

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