Slingbox 500

Sling Media has released two new versions of its Slingbox set-top boxes today that deliver higher quality video streaming and offer new media sharing features.

The Slingbox is unique among other streaming set-top devices because it actually targets people who don’t want to get rid of their existing cable or satellite television subscriptions. The Slingbox takes a “TV Anywhere” approach so you can watch both DVR and live programming on smartphones, tablets, other set-top boxes (like Boxee Box), and computers.

The cheaper of the two new devices is the Slingbox 350, which retails for $180 and streams 1080p-quality videos to supported devices. It’s much like its predecessor, the Slingbox Solo, except with higher quality video and improved hardware. The Slingbox 500, which retails for $300, has higher quality video and Wi-Fi connectivity. But the biggest difference between this model and the 350 is access to the SlingProjector feature, which shares photos and personal videos on your television set — much like Apple’s Airplay feature.

Both devices go on sale Oct. 14 and will be available via Sling Media’s website, Best Buy, Amazon, and other retailers across the country.

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