While we’re still waiting for Google to officially announce the next Nexus smartphone, a plethora of leaks online have revealed that it’s being built by LG. Now it appears we have our best look yet at LG’s Nexus, thanks to photos from the Belarusian gadget site Onliner.

The phone, which may be called the Nexus 4, looks a lot like last year’s Galaxy Nexus from the front thanks to a similar rounded corner design. It also features a metallic-looking front bezel, which is reminiscent of Apple’s original iPhone (if you listen hard enough, you can hear Apple’s legal machine gearing up for another fight). LG’s Nexus truly differentiates itself from the rear with a busy pseudo-techno print — something that appears almost gaudy from these photos.

In short, the phone is almost exactly what I expected from LG: a second-rate design that doesn’t push any boundaries. Instead, it looks like a hodgepodge of everything that came before it. LG has made some good-looking Android phones, but it’s never crafted a killer device that has truly rivaled the best from Samsung and HTC. With this latest Nexus, it seems LG is just continuing that trend.

Via The Verge

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