Klout perks up, adds influence card to Apple’s Passbook

Image Credit: SynergyByDesign/Flickr
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Influence-scoring startup Klout today updated its iPhone application to allow members to receive rewards on their phones and add an influence identification card to Apple’s Passbook application.

Klout is the San Francisco-based company that scores a person’s influence from one to 100. The startup’s complex scoring algorithm is put to use by brand and marketer partners to offer people with high scores “perks” such as product freebies and exclusive access to content or programs. To date, Klout has issued 800,000 perks to members through more than 450 partnerships.

Klout for iPhone now comes with perks, previously a web-only experience. The application user can check out offered perks, receive notifications for perks that he or she qualifies for, and claim perks from inside the application.

Also new is Klout integration with Apple Passbook, the digital wallet-like application native to the iOS experience.

Members can choose to add a “Klout Card” to Passbook in the latest version of the app. The card, pictured right, displays a person’s name, photo, and score, and includes a QR code that he or she can use at places providing Klout members with special access or services.

The company also promised to dole out rewards better suited for each member, and enhanced the web experience around perks to make offers easier to claim and share with friends.

Photo credit: SynergyByDesign/Flickr

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