Nokia stumbles again, with $754M loss, Lumia sales down by 27.5%

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The hurt just keeps on coming for Nokia. This morning the phone maker reported a whopping $754 million loss for the third quarter and some truly disheartening phone sales figures.

Sales of its Lumia Windows Phones fell from 4 million last quarter to 2.9 million, a 27.5 percent drop. Overall smartphone sales fell 63 percent from last year to 6.3 million. But, hey, at least Nokia’s Asha entry-level phones are doing well, with 6.5 million units sold. Overall Nokia shipped 76.6 million feature phones during the quarter.

Nokia’s Lumia troubles can be blamed on Microsoft’s difficult move towards Windows Phone 8, which left devices running Windows Phone 7 out in the cold. Consumers are either holding off for Nokia’s Windows Phone 8 models, the Lumia 920 and 820, or they’re giving up and going for the iPhone 5 or some shiny new Android phone.

Either way, it looks like things won’t pick up for Nokia for some time.

Photo by Sean Ludwig/VentureBeat