Kim Dotcom’s new site already running into problems from pirates & governments

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Kim Dotcom

It seems that Kim Dotcom is already having problems with the next version of his Megaupload site,

Dotcom’s cloud service Megaupload was shut down back in January by U.S. and New Zealand authorities due to allegedly enabling copyright infringement. Last week he revealed plans to revamp the cloud locker service under the domain name, citing that a .com domain would easily be seized by U.S. authorities without substantial proof of wrongdoing.

However, the Communications Minister of Gabon, the African country that operates the .ga top-level domain, said he has no intention of allowing Dotcom to use the country as a safe haven for copyright infringement violations and plans to suspend it, according to TorrentFreak.

And if that weren’t enough, a group of hackers calling themselves “Omega” have taken over the domain and have threatened to sell it to Dotcom’s adversaries. The group said its members are “true pirates” and told TorrentFreak that Dotcom “is a megalomaniac with lawyers … here to take advantage of us all, the nobodies, (and) the artists he wants to profit from.”

Dotcom has stated that will launch as planned using a backup domain, which hasn’t yet been revealed.