Apple, LG taken to court by Alcatel-Lucent over video compression patents

The software patent suit nonsense isn’t stopping anytime soon. Today Apple and LG will face the telecommunications company Alcatel-Lucent in a San Diego federal court over a surprising bit of tech: video compression.

The trial follows from a 2010 lawsuit where Alcatel-Lucent claimed Apple and LG infringed on its video compression technology, Bloomberg reports. Alcatel-Lucent’s tech shrinks video down in size to more easily distribute it over the Internet, satellites, and other communications media, as well as physical media like DVDs.

Alcatel-Lucent says it’s seeking a “reasonable royalty” based on what both companies would have paid to license its patent. The company claims that several models of Apple’s iPhone, iPad, iPod,¬† and MacBook Pro, as well as multiple LG phones, infringed on its video compression patents. Specifically, Alcatel-Lucent claims Apple infringed on three patents, while LG infringed on two.

While Alcatel-Lucent hasn’t listed any damages figures yet, a financial expert in the court filing for the trial estimated that Apple could have paid $195.9 million in royalties so far, while LG would have paid $9.1 million.

Not surprisingly, both Apple and LG deny infringing on the video compression patents, and say that the technology being targeted is just a small part of complex products.

Photo: Devindra Hardawar/VentureBeat

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