Silicon Image launches wireless chips to transmit video wirelessly around the home

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silicon image

Wi-Fi wireless networking still doesn’t quite cut it when you want to transfer video from one place in the home to another. That’s why Silicon Image is working on WirelessHD chips that can transfer video to tablets and smartphones within a home, using a different kind of radio.

Sunnyvale, Calif.-based Silicon Image is announcing today a single-chip, ultra-low power, 60 gigahertz WirelessHD mobile transmitter for smartphones and tablets, connecting mobile devices with digital TVs and other large displays in homes.

The UltraGig 6400 is a complete WirelessHD transmitter for mobile devices that integrates a 60GHz RF transceiver, baseband processor, and embedded antenna array into a single chip. The chip can be embedded in smartphones and tablets so they can transmit high-definition video from a portable device to a large display. The chip is available in samples now.

“By 2015, smartphones and tablets are estimated to represent a $3 billion-plus market for wireless connectivity ICs,” said Peter Cooney practice director, semiconductors, at ABI Research. “Driven by the use of mobile products for gaming and other interactive video applications, there is increased consumer demand for connecting these powerful devices to large displays and televisions. Consumers will expect wireless connections to provide the same experience as a wired solution. The UltraGig 6400 is well positioned to meet this emerging market need.”

The company says that the WirelessHD receivers will not interfere with Wi-Fi signals. The chips are compatible with the Wireless HD standard for transferring data. On average, the chips consume about 500 milliwatts of power.

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