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In a recent blog post the lords of the universe over at code-hosting community GitHub laid out the biggest new open-source projects of 2012.

The GitHubbers track notability of OSS projects in a couple ways. First, they look at the number or “stars” a project has — that is, how many people find the project interesting enough to keep tabs on in a passive sense.

Second, GitHub also keeps track of how many active contributors a project has.

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The company’s record-keeping for 2012 tallies up the number of new-this-year OSS projects with the most stars and the number of contributors that 2012 brought to all OSS projects, regardless of when they were started.

Without further ado, we give you — the 2012 Hubbies!*

First up, the new-in-2012 rising stars:

And here are the projects that racked up the greatest numbers of unique contributors in 2012:

*This is a disgusting term of our own devising. GitHub is not to be held responsible.