Sprint offering a new line of ‘pay as you go’ phones with unlimited data

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Attention data-hungry commitment-phobes: Sprint’s new “pay as you go” service may interest you.

The carrier today announced a new “Sprint as you go” service that offers customers an unlimited voice and data plan for a flat monthly rate, without the burdens of a contract. This may be a great deal for people who don’t want to pay full price for their smartphone or get locked into a particular carrier for two years.

Initially, the new service will be available on four phones, including the Samsung M400 ($50.), Samsung Array ($80), LG’s Optimus Elite ($150), and Samsung Victory ($250). According to Android Police, Sprint will offer two versions of the pay as you go plan: a $50 per month plan for feature phones (M400 & Array) and a $70 per month non-LTE plan for smartphones (Optimus Elite & Victory).

The new Sprint “pay as you go” unlimited service will be available Jan. 25. Do you plan on using Sprints new unlimited, contract-free phones instead of signing another contract? Let us know in the comment section below.

Photo via thedarkthing/Flickr