View Vine videos as they are uploaded in cool new tool

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Vine app

A new service called Vinepeek is giving you an in-the-moment look at what people are recording and posting to Twitter’s new video-sharing mobile app Vine.

Twitter released Vine on Thursday, making it possible for anyone to share those short and sweet bits of content in a whole new medium: video. You can upload up to six seconds of video content that will be played in a loop. You can cut up your content to show, for example, a beer being consumed, or a person running to a finish line. The technology was created by a company called Vine, which Twitter acquired before the product was ever launched.

Now, as more people start to use the app, Vinepeek will let you see each video as it is uploaded in real time. It was a “Friday project” created by folks from PXi Ventures, a London tech incubator, according to the website. PXi recommends that you use Vinepeek on a desktop, and cautions that you might see a Vine twice.

As Mashable points out, this is similar to a service called This Is Now, which shows you Instagram photos from all over the world, uploaded while you watch.

Now, go enjoy a little Saturday life-procrastination.

hat tip Mashable; Image created by Meghan Kelly with screenshots from Vine

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