Google buys Channel Intelligence for $125M to make Google Shopping smarter

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In it’s never-ending quest to take on Amazon, Google has snapped up Channel Intelligence, a company that offers a variety of products to drive online shopping sales, for $125 million.

Channel Intelligence announced the news on its website this morning. The company was a launch partner with Google Shopping, and it claims that  it tracks nearly 15 percent of U.S. online transactions and drives $2 billion in annual sales online.

Channel Intelligence’s products include “Where-to-Buy,” which brands can use to link any digital asset to retail locations, potentially increasing sales by letting consumers know when their favorite retailers offer a product. It has also developed technology for Google shopping to “maximize sales and Return on ad spend.”

Ultimately, buying Channel Intelligence would be a simple way for Google to make Google Shopping more useful to both customers and retailers. I’ve used the service occasionally, but most of the time I would rather deal with a retailer I like (Amazon or Newegg) rather than find the best deal in a sea of options. If Channel Intelligence can make Google Shopping more worthwhile, it’d be a big step up for Google.

The company’s customers include Target, Philips, HP, and Best Buy. Google has been strangely quiet about the deal, so we’ve dropped a line for more information. The deal is expected to close in the first quarter. Channel Intelligence is one of ICG Group’s consolidated companies, and ICG says it will receive around $60.5 million from the deal.

Via Business Insider; Photo via Shutterstock

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