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Quorum pulls in $11M to help small businesses recover from hardware failure

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For small businesses, a hardware failure can cause an extended period of downtime, and worse, an irretrievable loss of data. 

A startup that provides one click backup and recovery for small and medium-sized businesses, known as Quorum, has swiftly been gaining traction. Today, the company announced it has raised $11 million in its second round of funding. 

According to a recent report issued by the company, most small and medium-sized businesses experience one downtime incident a year, which can set them back over $70,000 per year. Prolonged system failure can be caused by a number of reasons. Hardware and software failure are among the most common, but a natural disaster can also wreak havoc.

Quorum claims its hybrid cloud service can get its customers up and running again in a matter of minutes, not hours of days. Small businesses can also choose to backup online or to tape or external media, but CEO Larry Lang describes this as an “old world” solution.

The most recent funding round was led by Toba Capital, an investment arm funded by the former CEO of Quest Software, Vinny Smith. Quest was acquired by Dell for $2.4 billion. With the funding, Quorum will expand its sales and marketing team, and recruit additional engineers.

Small business disaster image // Davi Sales Batista, Shutterstock 

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