New Relic goes mobile with app performance management for iOS & Android

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New Relic Mobile

Disclosure: New Relic chose to place advertising on as part of today’s product launch. The VentureBeat editorial team is separate from the blog’s ad sales team and maintained objectivity during the reporting of this story.

New Relic gives developers timely, useful metrics on their web apps. And as of right now, they’re branching out into mobile apps, too.

With today’s launch, New Relic is bringing its performance analytics platform to Android and iOS app developers. Monitoring and notifications happen in real time, so you can pinpoint problems as they occur and optimize for better performance in the future.

It’s all super sexy stuff, if by “sexy” you mean to say “dry to the casual observer but actually quite useful to the daily practitioner.”

Here’s the full feature list:

• Real-time performance monitoring for iOS and Android mobile apps
• End-to-end visibility, from individual mobile devices to backend web services
• Insight and actionable data from real users and sessions to see exactly what the users are experiencing
• The ability to monitor HTTP app errors and performance problems, which are as bad as (or worse than) crashes
• Views of performance data by geography, carrier, device type, and app version
• Constant monitoring of the health of any external services your app uses

And here’s our interview with New Relic developer evangelist Chris Kelly, explaining more about the launch:

New Relic was founded in 2008 and is based in San Francisco. To date, the company has taken a total of $115 million in venture capital over five separate rounds of funding. Its most recent round, announced just last month, was a whopping $80 million in private equity. At that time, the CEO told us an IPO was in the works.

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