Microsoft: Say goodbye to Samsung, say hello to great smartphone photos

Window Phone
Image Credit: Microsoft
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Window PhoneMicrosoft’s going on the offensive against Samsung’s best-selling Galaxy S III in a new ad focusing on Windows Phone cameras, like the one in Nokia’s Lumia 920.

Smoked by Windows is Microsoft’s fun, social, and viral YouTube campaign targeting iPhone and Android users. But now it’s moving offline and going to network TV — ESPN and CBS — just in time for March Madness.

And Microsoft is taking specific aim at Samsung:

The ads feature Microsoft’s top Windows Phone marketing manager, Ben Rudolph, who told us that he has the best job in Microsoft when we chatted a couple of months ago. It’s his job as director of Windows Phone evangelism to convince hundreds of millions of Android and iPhone users to switch to Windows phone … and he’s pretty persuasive.

But this particular tactic won’t work for long — the new Samsung Galaxy S IV sports a 13-megapixel camera which is bound to be better than the S III’s eight megapixel effort. And likely to best the Nokia 920’s 8.7 megapixel camera too, in spite of the built-in image stabilization that does give the 920 great night-time photos.

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