Samsung’s 85″ ultra high-def TV: $40,000, available for pre-order in about a week

Samsung's massive 85-inch 4K TV
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Samsung's massive 110-inch 4K TVIf you’ve got $40K burning a hole in your pocket and a hankering for a truly massive TV equipped with so ultimate a  high definition resolution that there’s almost no content available to honestly satisfy all of those lovely 8,294,400 pixels, Samsung’s got a TV for you.

It’s the 85-inch S9 UHD TV — official designation UN85S9 — a monster TV first unveiled at CES this January, and available for pre-order at in “late March.” Which would make it pretty bloody soon.

Samsung says the UN85S9 is not just big, it’s also good, with an extremely high contrast ratio (unreleased), deep blacks, and “vivacious whites.” I am not making this up. And in case you can’t access any of the world’s tiny library of ultra high-def content, Samsung says the TV upconverts high-def feeds to ultra high-def, also known as 4K.

The UN85S9 is thin for its size, and appears to float in its easel-like frame. Samsung has also equipped it with 120 watts of 2.2 sound, which it says is six times better than the average TV.

But this isn’t the biggest TV Samsung will release this year.

Samsung has not yet released pricing for the S9’s big brother, a 110″ monster. One can only assume that if the UN85S9 is in Mini Cooper territory, the big guy is in Mercedes territory.

Toshiba also announced an 85″ 4K TV at CES. Pricing and availability have not been released, however.