This pretty iPad app will turn your mobile photos into pretty books

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We’re kinda into products that take digital photos into the physical realm — call us analog oldsters, but sometimes, it’s nice to have a memento you can hold in your hands or give as a gift.

That’s why our interest is piqued by Printzel. It’s a just-launched iPad app that lets you create really good-looking books — hardcover or soft — from your photos.

Check it out:

You can choose from three book sizes, four cover finishes, and five cover colors. The company also has a developer program for devs who want to build printing features into their own apps.

Similar services are seeing a sort of renaissance lately as web-saturated consumers turn from the novelty of all-online experiences and look for something more familiar and physically real. Kicksend, Instacanvas, and Socialmatic are some of the more recent offerings on the market.

Printzel was founded in New York City in 2011. Its three co-founders are Steven Baughman, Jason Horwitz, and Jason Powers, a collective of digital design nerds.