Business will now take your money — that’s you, narcissist

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Hey there, social media egomaniac! If a full-page headshot and links to all your self-promoting social media feeds isn’t enough for your experience, are you in for a treat today!

This morning, is going pro with premium features at the easy-to-forget-about-on-your-credit-card-statement price of $4 per month.

That $4 per month gets you access to the Premium store, which includes shelf after glorious shelf of tools and tricks like domain mapping, nav bar removal, Google Analytics, priority customer support, and coming soon, page promotion powered by recent acquisition Wefollow. Sadly, the branding is still retained on every page, although on Premium pages, it’s reduced to a medium-sized logo box in the bottom left corner.

“ Premium is the natural progression of our main goal to provide you with the best starting point for your personal identity service on the web,” said a company rep, obviously speaking to the percentage of web users who think they’re too good for Facebook.

Here’s a sample of one of the new Premium-enhanced pages: Premium

All sarcasm aside, Premium has quite a few use cases beyond the kind of person who thinks of The Fountainhead as a personal roadmap for life. Jobseekers, small-business owners, authors, and just about anyone else who requires a simplified one-to-many web presence with a bit more polish will find Premium features both useful and totally worth the negligible-in-the-first-world four bucks.

Image credit: founder Tony Conrad

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