sony smartwatch iwatchIn all the talk about Apple’s rumored new iWatch, there hasn’t been a lot said about Sony’s already-in-the-market SmartWatch, which runs Android, connects to your smartphone, integrates with Facebook, plays music, display tweets, tells you the weather, and more.

Sony’s out to change all that:

The Japan-based wearable electronics pioneer — yes, remember Walkman — is reminding the world that smart wrist-based computing devices already exist, and teasing a new update to the product. Not to mention, of course, boasting that Sony SmartWatch already has 200 apps on Google Play.

From VentureBeat
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#MAE13 is a nod to Mobile Asia Expo 2013, which is in Shanghai June 26-28 — and apparently where Sony will unveil the new SmartWatch. One in three smartphone users want a wrist-based accessory, the company says:

That’s likely a number taken from Forrester’s recent study that says that 28 percent of Americans are interested in wrist-based technology accessories, whereas only 12 percent are interested in wearing something like Google Glass on their face. Even more, 29 percent, said they’d be interested in technology that was clipped to their clothing.

Here’s an overview of Sony’s existing product:

With Apple CEO Tim Cook high on wearable technology, and Apple rumored to be developing its own iPhone-compatible  accessoryas well as Samsung — the question is what Sony can deliver this weekend that will rival what those much more successful companies will release onto the market.

Image credit: Sony

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