Windows 8 finally has its own Facebook app

Facebook has finally announced a native app for Windows 8 –nine months after the operating system’s release.

Microsoft’s CEO Steve Ballmer announced the app on stage at Microsoft’s Build conference today in San Francisco alongside native versions of Flipboard and NFL Fantasy Football.

The move, of course, is a big deal for Windows 8, which is slowly but surely building its app catalog. The more high-quality apps Microsoft can claim on the platform, the more legitimate Windows 8 looks in the eyes of both consumers and developers.

But Facebook’s journey to Windows 8 has hardly been an easy one. When we asked Facebook last October whether it was developing a Windows 8 app, the company directed us to Microsoft and dodged the question.

“We only build the iOS and Android FB apps. You should check in with Microsoft on anything related to Windows 8,” the company said at the time.

Clearly, Facebook is changing its tune now, which we’re sure Microsoft is glad to hear.

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