Google Glass updated with web browsing, new voice commands, & more

Staff Writer Sean Ludwig testing Google Glass

Above: Staff Writer Sean Ludwig testing Google Glass

Image Credit: Sean Ludwig/VentureBeat
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Google Glass’s software has been steadily receiving updates that let the wearer do more with the device. Today, Google announced it has added its first take on web browsing and new voice commands to help get more out of the device.

While Glass stirs up privacy concerns and still feels beta, it’s fun to imagine what it will be like in a few years. Today’s updates get us closer to making Glass worthy of its idea.

First up, Google has brought remedial web browsing to Glass. Owners of Glass first perform a search for something, tap on an item, and choose “View Website.” When you are on a web page, you can explore it four ways:

Scroll: Slide your finger forward on the touchpad to scroll down.
Zoom: Slide two fingers forward or backward to zoom.
Look around: With two fingers down on the touchpad, move your head around to pan.
Click: As you look around, you can tap to select anything in the center of the screen.

Check out the screenshot below to see what browsing a site like Cool Hunting looks like on Glass.

Google Glass web browsing

Above: Google Glass web browsing

Image Credit: Google

Next, Google has added new voice commands that are designed to make the experience smoother. One example: If a family member texts you, you can say “OK Glass, read aloud” to have it read to you. Then you can respond with “OK Glass, reply.” And if someone calls you, you can tell it to answer with “OK Glass, answer call.”

Finally, Glass now has made it faster to send messages or make phone calls by integrating with your Gmail contacts. On the main menu, you can tap “Send a message to…” and then you can swipe through your contacts to send a note to friends, family, and colleagues.

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