Skype for Android takes some cues from Windows Phone in latest update

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The latest update to Skype’s Android app is here, and it looks a lot like Windows Phone.

Skype announced the update today alongside news that the Android app has been downloaded to 100 million phones worldwide.

This is a bit more than a redesign, however. Skype says the update “puts conversations first,” improves app stability, and perhaps most importantly, makes the Skype Android experience nearly identical to that of its Windows Phone counterpart. (Skype doesn’t mention this in the blog post, but I wonder if Metro-fying Skype for Android also has the ulterior benefit of exposing more people to the Windows Phone interface.)

While Skype didn’t mention if its iOS app will get the same treatment, the company did say that “this release is just the beginning”, so you can expect a similar announcement fairly soon.

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