Baywatch, here we come.

According to hints in the most recent iOS 7 beta, released last night, Apple may be including a high-speed camera option in future iPhones, including likely the coming iPhone 5S. Which means that iPhone owners will be easily and simply able create slo-mo movies, simply by playing the movie at regular speed.

Apple developer Hamza Sood discovered references to the high-speed camera today, 9to5Mac reported, indicating that iPhones would be able to record video at 120 frames per second.

From VentureBeat
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If indeed Apple does bring that feature to iOS, even if only to new iPhones, it will be playing catch-up to Samsung, which has already released the capability in the Galaxy S4 with pretty spectacular capabilities:

Typically slow-motion video capture requires lower-resolution capture — the Galaxy S4’s 13-megapixel camera captures slo-mo at only 800-by-450 pixels, almost certainly due to the massive flood of visual data pouring into the camera, CPU, and Flash memory at 120 individual frames every single second.

While Apple’s iPhone 5 can almost certainly handle at least the S4’s level of data flow, the feature would not activate on 9to5Mac’s tester phone. A new iOS7 API that is publicly available to developers is 60 frames per second video capture at 720P, which isĀ 1280-by-720 pixels.

One way Apple could differentiate itself with a coming iPhone 5S, of course, is allow full-frame slow-motion, which would be spectacular.