RSA acquires Passban two-factor authentication for mobile

PassBan Team Photo

Above: The Passban team

Image Credit: Passban
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With two-factor authentication and mobile at the top of everyone’s minds, RSA acquired Passban yesterday, a company that combines two-factor authentication with the technology that already exists in your phone to protect your apps.

When San Francisco-based Passban launched in 2012, it decided to focus not on big businesses, but on consumers. Regular people need security for their apps, too, and Passban believed that even without the risks associated with being a big company, the username and password bit was still too insecure. So it created a technology that uses different combinations of authentication to open an app.

Combinations can include a pin and a sample of your voice to be recognized, or even a scan of your face to see if it’s actually you.

Passban will now work under RSA’s “Adaptive IAM” team, according to a blog post from the company. IAM stands for identity and access management. RSA hasn’t yet announced whether or not Passban’s product will be shut down to existing customers. It seems the technology itself was the biggest draw for RSA, though we do not know if the acquirer will be bringing on Passban’s team as part of the acquisition.

Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

We have reached out to Passban for more details and will update this post upon hearing back.

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