Yikes: This new app saves Snapchats without letting the sender know

29 percent of Americans think Snapchat will go bust -- or at least lose most of its users -- in 2014.

Above: 29 percent of Americans think Snapchat will go bust -- or at least lose most of its users -- in 2014.

Image Credit: Snapchat
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What supposedly makes Snapchat enjoyable is that messages float away and disappear after one view. It’s ephemeral fun for sharing things that don’t matter too much.

Still, others like it because of the supposed privacy of disappearing messages. While you can take a screenshot of a Snapchat you are viewing, the app lets the sender know immediately that you’ve done that. But a new iOS app called Snap Save saves your Snapchat messages and doesn’t let the sender know.

After giving it a quick test, I can confirm the app works. First you log in with your Snapchat credentials, and then the app saves all of the messages you haven’t viewed yet. So after you view a Snapchat message, that picture or video is still there inside Snap Save for later viewing. The only two technical issues I see with the app is that sound didn’t work with my video messages and it logs you out of Snapchat each time you use it. You can also pay $3 to upgrade the app to show no advertising.

The app should give pause to anyone who actually thought Snapchat gave you any privacy. Essentially, if you’re still using Snapchat for “sexting” or sending pics you wouldn’t want to wind up online, it’s time to stop. Clearly, there are too many vulnerabilities to trust Snapchat for truly private messages.

Take a look at what the Snap Save interface looks like below.

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