Amid BlackBerry’s sinking ship, here comes a new BB7 phone with ancient hardware

BlackBerry's cheap 9720 model

Above: BlackBerry's cheap 9720 model

Image Credit: BlackBerry
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A day after BlackBerry announced that it was considering ways to save its business, including possibly selling off the company, the company is making its most baffling product announcement yet.

BlackBerry officially announced the 9720 today, which looks like a successor to its popular Curve model from several years ago. Given that the phone runs BlackBerry 7.1 (not the new BB10 platform) and features a traditional hardware keyboard and tiny screen (with no touchscreen), it seems like something that should have been announced in 2008 — not today, when BlackBerry is struggling to remain relevant.

To be fair, BlackBerry is only releasing this device in Asia, Latin America, and Europe, regions where its low-cost BB7 devices are still popular. Those regions will likely appreciate the phone’s slightly revamped keyboard and fresher design. But the 9720 simply seems like an odd announcement to make after yesterday’s news, which made many bloggers start prepping their BlackBerry obituaries.

The 9720 will likely be a perfectly fine phone for its intended markets, but its announcement today is yet another reminder that BlackBerry is completely tone deaf when it comes to its market position today.

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