The annual San Francisco Street Food festival can be a daunting experience. But for those who revel in the hustle and bustle and don’t mind waiting in long lines to sample delicious food, it’s well worth a visit.

For food-tech and lifestyle entrepreneurs, it’s one of the biggest marketing opportunities of the year. So I stopped by to meet with the startups at the festival; over a dozen had set up booths to promote their products.

One startup, situated right by the entrance, stood out. I recognized Tastemade, as the LA-based startup nabbed $10 million in funding this week. In all honesty, I assumed it was just another overly-funded, gimmicky consumer app.

San Francisco's Street Food Festival

Above: San Francisco’s Street Food Festival

However, Tastemade’s founders Joe Perez and Steven Kydd are established digital media entrepreneurs. They previously founded Demand Media, which is now a public company. They wanted their next project to be about something they really loved.

Their latest product was lovingly made, and has a shot at reaching a huge audience. It’s a slick video-editing iPhone app for food bloggers and restaurant lovers, designed to document and help you savor fabulous meals with friends.

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Note that downloading the app takes time and may drain your battery, but stick with it.

Using Tastemade, I created a semi-professional video for all you VentureBeat readers in less than 30 minutes.

It’s not just for foodies — I’d recommend the app for anyone who enjoys making videos. Use it to produce a mini documentary of sorts of any event, which you can share with friends via Facebook or Twitter.

For journalists, bloggers and other content creators, it’s a neat way to add multimedia elements to existing stories, without the hassle of professional photo-editing tools like Final Cut Pro.

Get started by opening the app, and giving your event a title. You’re prompted to take a few 10 second audio clips (ideally interviews), and a series of three second clips, which function as your B roll.

When you’ve selected your best clips, add background music, filters, headers, captions, and hit save. You can shoot, edit and publish the video on your iPhone, and select a thumbnail before you share it on various social media sites.

For my video, I interviewed representatives from La Cocina, the nonprofit organization that runs the street festival. La Cocina, a self-described “incubator kitchen,” supports low income food entrepreneurs living in the neighborhood and helps them start businesses. I also added some short clips of the best bands and locals wolfing down fried chicken, which may convince you to stop by.

The final result feels far more sophisticated than a Socialcam or Vine video. Hope you enjoy it!