Sometimes, seeing into the future only requires you to look straight ahead.

As is the case for the just-launched Field Trip application for Google Glass, which identifies all sorts of things in front of you and gives you key information about each object. So if you are on vacation and looking at something like the Old Faithful geyser [above], you can read about the history of the landmark.

The app says it can offer “history, architecture, insider tips, and hidden gems from over 100 local publisher partners.” These partners include Zagat, Cool Hunting, and the Public Art Archive, which all promise to show you any and all things of interest that the app can detect.

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Field Trip, a Google product, was available previously for Android and iOS, and we were extremely impressed with the iOS version back when it was released in March.

While Google Glass likely won’t be generally available for purchase until 2014, apps like Field Trip help show its promise. The capability to quickly identify landmarks, objects, and storefronts almost instantly can give you a new view of the world.

However, an app like this has an obvious downside. Instead of looking closely at Old Faithful and the natural beauty around it, you’re also trying to read a Wikipedia entry about how long the thing has been around.

Watch the video below to see how Field Trip could be used on vacation.

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