iPhone 5C captured in high-def video: red, yellow, green, blue, white

Leaked iPhone 5C cases.

Above: Leaked iPhone 5C cases.

Image Credit: Tanner Marsh
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Apple may be revealing the new iPhone 5S and the cheaper, plastic-backed iPhone 5C on September 10, but you can see the multi-colored 5C right now.

At least, the back case.

iPhone jailbreaker Tanner Marsh, who has been reliable in the past at sniffing out soon-to-arrive Apple components, just posted what he’s calling “first HD hands-on review video of multiple iPhone 5C rear shells.”

Here it is:

As always with rumors and leaks, your mileage may vary, but the case seems identical to previous leaks from other sources. And we know that Apple is most definitely releasing a cheaper iPhone, since China Labor Watch confirmed it for us last month.

If this video is accurate, Apple’s certainly making a statement with the colors that the iPhone 5C is not exactly your typical business-as-usual Apple-lust iDevice. Instead, the colors are much more original candy-colored iMac, although updated for 2013 in Windows 8-style bright-and-light colors.

At least, for those who might want to get the cheaper model but not look cheap, there’s still a white iPhone 5C which will likely look fairly similar to the current iPhone 5.

And for those who are lighter at heart as well as lighter in wallet, the iPhone 5C will prove to be a colorful fashion statement as well as a smart buy.

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