Twitter’s making it easier for you to follow conversations in tweets with an update to its Android and iPhone apps today as well as

twitter conversation nested tweetThe new conversation view works sort of like nested comments, which forums have had for a decade and Facebook recently added to pages.

Replies now show up in chronological order connected to the original tweet that spawned them.

“To date, such exchanges haven’t always been easy to follow,” Twitter’s Jinen Kamdar posted on the company’s blog. “With this in mind, we’ve now made it easier for you to see conversations as they’re taking place.”

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Up to three replies from Twitter users you follow will show by default, along with a note indicating other replies if there are more. Tapping that link then brings up the entire conversation, which you can simply join by replying to any tweet in the conversation. When you view the entire conversation, you may then see tweets from people you do not follow.

One of the most common complaints about Twitter has been the inability to clearly see related tweets or to group tweets and replies in a easily viewable way. This answers that objection in a very elegant, simple way.

In addition, Twitter announced today that you will be able to report individual tweets, not just tweeters, for abuse or spam right from the Android app and

The feature has been available for some time for iPhone users.

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