This week in tech stock: All press is good press for Samsung, Facebook

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Not to toot or own horn, but we’re gonna toot our own horn for a minute: As this week dawned we broke a huge story revealing Samsung’s latest gadget several days ahead of its launch.

Samsung was naturally not too happy with us (or our source) in the aftermath, but the company ended up getting a huge boost of publicity leading up to the launch. Once the confirmed product hit the web, investors gave the stock price a nice 3 percent boost.

Facebook also had to do a bit of PR work to show how Parse, its recent acquisition and most interesting foray into developer products, is paying off. One exec told us that Facebook is now 100 percent focused on mobile development (as opposed to desktop development). And CEO Mark Zuckerberg gave Parse the highest possible praise when he said that he wished the service had been around when he started Facebook.

All that added up for a nice 4.5 percent uptick for Facebook stock.

Apple’s still struggling to see much stock price growth in spite of the rapid and rabid circulation of iPhone rumors (we’ll be at the announcement event next week, when investors will really start to take notice).

Finally, Microsoft and Nokia announced an acquisition deal on Monday. The stock market responded with a resounding “meh,” with Nokia stock slumping by three quarters of a percent and Microsoft slouching down 2 percent.

Here’s a chart for ya, with all fluctuations represented in percent change:


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