It’s about time for Amazon to roll out a refreshed crop of Kindle e-readers and tablets, and BGR was able to grab a few photos of what appears to be the next version of the Kindle Fire HD today.

Rumors about Amazon’s next line of Kindle devices have already been circling over the past few months. Instead of releasing new products, Amazon is planning to update its original Kindle Fire as an entry level tablet for those not looking to spend a lot of money. The Kindle HD and Kindle HD 8.9-inch tablets are also due for an update — each with better screens, improved battery life, and upgraded internals to make it run faster, too.

As indicated in previous reports, the new Kindle HDs should be lighter and feature a new body design with sloped back and less pronounced curved edges. The volume buttons are also relocating to the side.

Amazon typically only rolls out a hardware refresh for its Kindles once per year, usually just in time for the busy holiday season. And now that Apple has made its announcements about the new iPhone, hopefully Amazon will follow suit by unveiling its new line of devices.

New Kindle 2

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