Apple has started rolling out the much-anticipated iOS 7 update for iPhone and iPad, which means you might be able to download it now. (Consider this your PSA.)

The latest update features a massive overhaul of the operating system from top to bottom. Some of the changes include a much more useful control panel, an end to skeumorphic design (designing things that look like physical objects), and a better camera app. However, only certain Apple devices are eligible for iOS 7, including iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod Touch 5th generation, iPad 2, iPad with retina display (third and fourth generations), and the iPad Mini.

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You can update your device to iOS 7 in a few different ways. The easiest method is probably the over-the-air update that you can access through the Settings app’s “General” button. Once there you’ll be able to start the download after agreeing to new terms of service and such. You can also update to iOS 7 through iTunes, assuming you’ve already downloaded and installed the latest version (iTunes 11.1), which dropped earlier today.

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