Staples & RadioShack give Amazon’s Lockers the boot: ‘It didn’t meet the criteria we set up together’

Image Credit: Flickr/ adamdachis
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When Staples and RadioShack decided to allow Amazon’s Lockers into their stores, they provied that retailers were willing to try just about anything to get people in the door — even if that meant teaming up with one of their biggest rivals.

Now, it seems as if the retailers are turning their backs on the deal. Both RadioShack and Staples have decided to remove Amazon’s storage lockers from their stores after a brief trial, Bloomberg reports.

According to Staples, its deal with Amazon “didn’t meet the criteria we set up together,” which likely means that, while Amazon Locker was bringing people in, those people weren’t actually buying anything from Staples. RadioShack said Amazon’s Lockers just didn’t fit its overall strategy.

In other words, the deal doesn’t make much sense. And RadioShack and Staples have finally realized it.

Fortunately for Amazon, the company still has deals with 7-Eleven, which, unlike RadioShack and Staples, isn’t one of Amazon’s direct competitors. At least not yet, anyway.

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