After the two biggest rumors around Apple’s iPhone 5S turned out to be true — the gold color and the fact that it would include a fingerprint sensor — it’s worth paying attention to the latest Apple-related rumors.

Chinese site DoNews just revealed two photos of the potential iPad Mini 2, and the new elements aren’t too surprising: It’s gold, and it also sports the iPhone 5S Touch ID sensor.

Given how much Apple has been hyping up those two options with the iPhone 5S, it wouldn’t be a huge leap to see Apple bring them over to the iPad line. (Even before these pictures appeared, it seemed all but certain that Touch ID would be a key feature of upcoming iOS devices.)

Apple watchers expect the company to hold another media event in October to announce its latest iPad models. Beyond the gold color, slightly faster hardware, and Touch ID, I’m also looking forward to an iPad Mini 2 with a Retina Display.

ipad mini 2 gold 2

Via PhoneArena

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