Looks like Apple’s new iPad 5 will come in at least one of the same colors as the new iPhone 5S: space gray. And it appears that the coming-soon updated iPad will be both lighter and smaller than the existing iPad 4.

Here’s an unboxing video of the iPad 5 back shell:

Tanner Marsh of iCrackUriDevice has managed to get a prerelease back shell of an unannounced Apple product yet again, and the shell shows that Apple is making the large 10-inch iPad both smaller and lighter while probably keeping the screen the same size.

Just a bit smaller than an iPad 4

Above: Just a bit smaller than an iPad 4

Image Credit: Tanner Marsh

That trick will likely be accomplished simply by shrinking the side and the top bezels.

Typically, leakers like Marsh get prerelease parts by offering cash to Chinese laborers, who smuggle them out of factories. There’s always the possibility of fakes, but this one looks fairly legitimate.

Making the iPad both lighter and smaller is a very smart move for Apple; the larger iPad has barely changed dimensions and weight since its first generations, and with light and easy-to-handle medium-sized tablets like the Amazon Kindle flooding the market, anything that makes the device more comfortable to hold for longer periods of time is a good thing.

Apple will likely release new iPad models, as well as perhaps more new products, this month, likely with an updated 64-bit processor, just like the iPhone 5S, and an increased amount of RAM.

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