Confirmed: Twitter to make its IPO S-1 filing public today

Image Credit: Open Source Way

Twitter will made its long-anticipated S1 filing public today.

The social network informed the world that it would go public with, of course, a tweet about three weeks ago. At the time, a Twitter investor told me he expected the actual IPO within three months, and numerous reports have the company making the IPO documentation public today.

Twitter was able to keep the S-1 documentation secret initially, since its revenue is under $1 billion.

The S-1 will reveal a mass of data that has not yet been known about the company, such as details on revenue and costs that Twitter, as a private company, never had to reveal. I have, of course, asked my contacts at Twitter PR about this report, and they, of course, have not yet commented.

The S-1 will likely be filed happen after the markets close in New York. Like others, I’m waiting. …

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