Twitter update puts photos right smack dab in the middle of your feed

A photo of a photo. How meta.

Above: A photo of a photo. How meta.

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Egads! There are pictures on Twitter. Not links, real pictures.

I no longer have to click to find out what a corgi and pug best friend duo look like when dressed up for Halloween. How exciting.

Twitter released an update this evening that puts linked photos right smack in your feed This is preferable to that arduous clicking required before to view a photo, and is great for advertisers who don’t have to rely on clicks for people to see their ads.

This news come as Twitter prepares for its IPO. 

In the run-up to IPO, Twitter has built ad tools for geotargeting and retargeting, as well as ad products for the music industry and TV industry, Ads API for partners, and bought an ad exchange.

These efforts are all geared towards creating greater value for advertisers by driving commerce, which is how Twitter makes money.

“As compared to Twitter, Facebook is responsible for 10 times the number of shares, 20 times the amount of site traffic, and 30 times the number of new customers acquired,” Curebit vice-president Brad Kam told VentureBeat’s John Koetsier. “Twitter is simply not as relevant for commerce.”

In-stream photos could make the newsy social network more relevant however, and makes the text-heavy feed much more visual, which could be pleasant or unpleasant depending on who you follow.

In light of this news, I highly recommend following “Cute Emergency.”

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