92 of the world’s top 100 brands have at least one app on Apple’s app store. 75 have at least one app on Google Play. But only 26 have an app in Amazon’s upstart app store.

This morning Distimo released a report on the top global brands and their app strategies.

Clearly, almost every global corporation finds it necessary to have mobile apps. Those range from apps for profit, such as Disney’s Where’s My Water, to apps for branding, such as automaker Kia’s K-Racer, or BMW’s BMW Remote. Almost all of the world’s top brands are on iOS, most are on Google Play, and only a handful are on Amazon:

Presence Top 100 Global Brands-Apple-Google-Amazon- Distimo

Few companies have as many apps as Sony, however, which has the highest number of apps for any company on the top 100 global brands list: 287. Interestingly, while Sony is the 46th-highest-ranking global brand, fourth-ranked brand IBM — a technology company — isn’t even on the leaderboard for Google Play or the iOS App Store and has only five apps on Amazon.

It’s no big surprise, however, that social media, search, and gadget heavyweights such as Facebook, Google, and Apple dominate the download boards.

Facebook owns the top two spots on Google Play and the second position on the App Store. Google has three of the top 10 apps on Google Play and even greater penetration on Apple’s mobile platform, where YouTube, Google Maps, Google Search, Gmail, and Google Chrome take up no fewer than half of the top 10 spots in terms of downloads.

Most downloaded apps Top Global Brands-Apple- Distimo

Big names that don’t have any apps at all include consumer goods companies like Gillette — the best a man can’t get, at least on Android and iOS — and Corona, probably because a Corona light on a smartphone screen would be just too much of a tease.

And brands that focus exclusively on iOS tend, unsurprisingly, to be those that look for customers with cash, and lots of it. Those companies tend to be luxury brands, Distimo says, such as Cartier, Hermes, Porsche, and Prada.

But who’s making the most money?

That’s probably Apple, which has the six highest-grossing apps in the most valuable mobile marketplace, it’s own app store. But Disney has completely figured out the mobile app game, with no fewer than a shocking seven of the top 10 grossing games on Google Play: Nemo’s Reef, Where’s My Water, Disney Alice in Wonderland, Temple: Oz, Where’s My Water 2, and Where’s My Perry.

Grossing apps Top Global Brands-Google- Distimo

That’s impressive domination.

You can get the full report, for free, here.

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