The Shine activity tracker now has what Nike’s Fuelband doesn’t: an Android app

Above: Misfit Wearables' Shine health tracker

Image Credit: Misfit

Misfit Wearable’s Shine is finally taking a much-needed jump to Android.

The $120 activity tracker, which is slightly larger than a quarter, has been around since last year, but its app has been iOS-only since launch. That’s changing today.

With the app, Android users can sync their devices, set activity goals, and check on their progress during the day. The one drawback here is that the app will only work with Android devices running Android 4.3 or later, which means that owners of older phones will be left out.

The move to Android puts Misfit Wearables beyond even the likes of Nike, which has yet to bring its Nike+ Fuelband app to Android. The reason for the omission? Android fragmentation, an issue that Misfit Wearables seems to have less of a problem with.

Misfit Wearables is doing a good job with other things as well. Most notably, the Shine’s minimalist aluminum exterior makes it one of the more fashionable wearables out there right now. This, as we’ve noted previously, means that far more people — particularly women — are likely to wear it. And that can only mean more sales.

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