All you really need from CES are these four robots

Above: This jumping robot toy freaked the bejesus out of us. It was rolling around, minding its own business, then BAM! It was on a four-foot-tall platform that looked like a kitty condo. Note: Might be a good alternative to those stupid bald cats for people who are allergic but want a jumping-type pet. Also, it's tablet/smartphone controlled and features Wi-Fi and an onboard camera that sends video back to the controller device.

Image Credit: J. O'Dell/VentureBeat

CES 2014

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LAS VEGAS — Screw the electric toothbrushes and the smart-wearable-AR iPhone cases. We only care about robots now.

Well, also dinosaurs and lasers, but at least one of those is definitely not at CES this year.

Last night’s big event at CES was the Pepcom Digital Experience. For some reason, this gadget tradeshow-within-a-tradeshow had a Wizard of Oz theme. We got to make friends with a wicked witch; it was great. There were lots of little people dressed as Munchkins and Dorothies in truly half-assed Dorothy costumes. Whatever.

The only important parts were the robots. There were four robotics companies at Pepcom this year if you don’t count Roomba clones. We don’t.

No more talking! ROBOTS NOW!

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