Yahoo combines Reddit’s ‘tl;dr’ & a little bit of Circa for its new ‘News Digest’ app

Above: Yahoo showing off its latest news product at CES 2014.

Image Credit: Photo via Tom Cheredar/VentureBeat
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LAS VEGAS — We’ve known for a while that Yahoo has big media plans as part of the company’s resurrection under CEO Marissa Mayer, but today during Yahoo’s keynote at the 2014 International CES, we actually have some meaty details.

Probably the most interesting announcement about Yahoo’s plans was the debut of a new Yahoo News Digest app. Essentially, Yahoo assumes that most people are overwhelmed with the constant stream of information, and consequently, they don’t actually stay well informed.

Enter the Yahoo News Digest app, which gives you two daily summaries of all the hot news. Those summaries come from a combination of original reporting and editorial curation from other news sources. For each piece of news, the digest features rich media like maps, stock graphs, and more. You can also go back and read past digests you may have missed … sort of like back issues of printed magazines.

The app itself launches today and is available on iOS devices for free.

The basis for the Digest app comes from the Reddit shorthand tl;dr (too long; didn’t read) — although the company didn’t mention the community news site as inspiration. Another big thing the app borrows from is hot news startup Circa. When you combine these two elements, you’ve basically got an attempt at an updated version of the 5 o’clock news.


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