New York-based Grand St. is reinventing itself.

In late 2012, Grand St.’s obsessively curated technology shop launched with five or so rotating products — each sold out within a week’s time. Then, the startup expanded with permanent inventory. Cautiously. Now, Grand St. is launching a vastly expanded catalog of designy tech products, evolving from a handful to hundreds of gadgets as it passes 200,000 users.

Grand St. raised $1.3 million in April 2013 and launched on Android two months later. Back then, the store was clearly a minimum viable product (MVP). Now a far more mature company, Grand St. dreams of redefining what it means to run an e-commerce startup.


A Shop. An incubator.

Grand St. is no longer a static shop. Alongside consumer-ready products, Grand St. is now incubating “beta” projects — that’s beta in the true sense, as pictured below. Products will be tested by Grand St.’s audience and evolve based on user feedback.

photo 4

On top of these unreleased products, Grand St. is offering products for pre-order. Dangerously near Kickstarter territory, Grand St.’s tells us that its pre-orders “aren’t shipping just quite yet but will be available within six months.”

These categories round out Grand St. as both a shop and a potential idea machine — if the company’s users are as engaged and loyal as they’re often made out to be.

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