An early-stage MIT startup called Quanttus has raised $19 million in funding for its wearable technology.

The company would not provide any images of the device that it claims can “capture and analyze more than half a million vital sign data points per day,” as it is still a prototype. A spokesperson said Quanttus is working on a log of photos, which the company will release soon.

Similar to Jawbone, Nike, Fitbit, and others, Quanttus is focused on building new wearable technology for health monitoring and fitness tracking. But it’s not clear whether Quanttus is developing a new band, a smartwatch, or something else entirely. The company has stayed intentionally vague in its marketing and messaging thus far. The company’s LinkedIn profile reads: “We plan to change the way we view our personal health forever by combining next-generation sensors and services.”

A trademark filing from August of 2013 (which was first uncovered by Xconomy) reveals that the team intends to build a website and virtual community for people to share insights about their health and wellbeing. The Quantuus team also intends to release a series of gadgets that collect and transmit health and nutrition data.

The technology is currently under development in Cambridge, Mass., by a team from MIT, Nike, Apple, IDEO, and Massachusetts General Hospital.

Quanttus raised its most recent funding from Khosla Ventures and Matrix Partners, venture firms with strong track records of investing in wearable technology and digital health. The startup has previously raised $3 million in seed funding from Vinod Khosla.

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