Nokia X gets hacked to run Google’s Android apps — and Nokia applauds it

Nokia X: The company's first Android phone

Above: Nokia X: The company's first Android phone

Image Credit: Nokia
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Nokia’s first Android phone just got a lot more awkward for Microsoft.

The Nokia X is meant to serve as an Android-based Trojan Horse for Microsoft’s apps and services — but that’s not stopping hackers who want to open it up for Google’s solutions.

In a posting on the XDA developers forum, Spanish developer Kashamalaga describes how he managed to tweak the Nokia X to accept Google’s apps and services in just five steps. His hack also replaces Nokia’s custom skin with the Android Now launcher.

It’s unclear if Nokia will lock down the devices further once they hit general consumers (Kashamalaga got his from Mobile World Congress), but it’s certainly telling that the X was so easily hacked.

By default, the Nokia X supports Microsoft’s services and doesn’t have access to the official Google Play Store or apps like Gmail and Google Maps. It’s a lot like how Amazon forked Android to highlight its own apps.

What’s most interesting about this hack is that Nokia approves of it:

As I argued when the X was announced, Nokia could actually be doing Microsoft a big favor with its Android phone. It would give Microsoft a way to test the waters with Android without wasting much time developing its own solution. And the fact that the Nokia X’s interface looks a lot like Windows Phone doesn’t hurt either.

Check out video of Kashamalaga’s Nokia X hack below:

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