Opera 20 launches on Windows and Mac with major emphasis on streamlined design

Opera at Mobile World Congress 2014

Above: Opera at Mobile World Congress 2014

Image Credit: Opera
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Opera today released version 20 of its desktop browser for Windows and Mac, debuting a new color scheme, refined icons, and customizable themes.

This update marks Opera’s sixth major release since the company adopted the open-source Chromium browser engine.

Pictured below, the refreshed design certainly looks nice — although we’re not sure how successful it will be in driving user adoption. According to Statcounter, Opera owns just 1.36% of the global desktop browser market.


According to Opera’s official release, the company’s design team is placing special emphasis on OS-specific design:

To give a browser a native look and feel, designers spend long months drawing, fine-tuning and testing platform-specific solutions. There are more and more tiny differences between Windows and Mac versions of the browser, such as the placement of a tab closing button or an icon style that blends right into the look of the operating system.

Other changes include the use of monochromatic icons and minor adjustments to the installation process.