Google is hard at work on its Wallet app, and it just added a new feature: tracking your online purchases and order shipments right inside the app.

The feature lets Wallet pull receipts sent to your Gmail account into the Wallet app. Google is also working with package carriers so that when an order’s delivery status is updated, you will be notified through the app.

To activate this feature, simply click on the “Orders” or “Track this order” buttons in the app.


The new feature also lets you see your order history, details of the ordered items, merchant contact information, and shipping details.

Looking at its competitors, especially leader PayPal, this puts Google Wallet in a good position. Although PayPal Wallet is still the most well-known and trusted digital wallet, it does not currently have any feature even close to Google Wallet’s new “Orders.” Presumably, Gmail’s ubiquity gives an advantage here to Google Wallet that PayPal will never have, lest it launches an email service that somehow takes over the world.

According to Google Commerce’s blog post, the new feature is available for the latest versions of the Google Wallet app for both iOS and Android.

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