Searching for profits in television, Twitter is launching “Hispanic TV conversation targeting” to connect brands with viewers of Spanish-language TV shows.

While targeting Hispanic TV won’t shake the foundation of Latin American television, this release is significant: It heavily impacts Twitter’s mission to play a stronger role in the entertainment industry. Twitter has so far invested heavily in boosting TV-related conversations, including the hiring of former YouTube executive Baljeet Singh.

“There’s all this tremendous conversation that happens around TV content and online content – and all that conversation is happening on Twitter,” Singh said after joining Twitter. This statement certainly rings true in the context of Twitter’s involvement in the 2014 Academy Awards.

According to a Nielson report, tweets drive higher broadcast TV ratings for 48% of shows. That study, in addition to many others, back up Twitter’s interest in television as it struggles to monetize its social network.

Twitter has offered brands a similar service for English-language TV viewers since November 2013.

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