What do you call a thousand lawyers at the bottom of the ocean? An alpha test group for Clio. Hah!

Clio makes software for attorneys, and it’s just taken in a third round of institutional funding — $20 million led by Bessemer Venture Partners.

The Clio product helps lawyers get a lot of their administrative tasks done automatically and in the cloud. This is especially useful at the typical U.S. firm, which has fewer than 10 employees, or sole proprietorships.

The cash will be used to hire a ton of sales people in Toronto and Europe. And Clio will likely be looking for mobile engineering talent, as well.

“We offer our customers one of life’s most precious resources: time,” said Jack Newton, CEO and founder of Clio, in a statement on the funding.

“We’ve found that our users save an average of eight hours per week, giving them more time to spend on life outside of work. This funding will allow us to further our reach and hone our product to continue to help lawyers focus on the parts of their business they enjoy.”

Yes, let’s all make the lawyers’ lives fun and easy. That’s karma at work.

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