Big data shows that 2001-2002 was the nastiest period in rap history

Above: Too $hort at Martin Luther's Rebel Soul Fest at DNA Lounge in San Francisco, July 2008

Image Credit: Wikipedia
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Big data, meet rap music.

In a curious mix of data analysis and Tupac Shakur, a new study chronicles the pattern of profanity use in rap music since 1985. Based on the most popular album releases over the past 29 years, somehow 2001-2002 broke records in f-bombs, sh*ts, and b*tches.

Tupac holds the number one and two spots for most expletives per album, and Too $hort holds the top spot for most profanity in a single song. While the rate seems to ebb and flow in weird ways, we couldn’t resist this combination of data geekery and rap.

Fun facts: Misogyny in rap lyrics seems to be going down somewhat in recent years, but homophobic lyrics are on the rise. Check it out:

rap 4

rap 3

rap 2

rap 1

Check out the full report here.